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AT550 Series of High-performance Vector Control Inventer


AT550 Series of High-performance Vector Control Inventer

Product Introduction

The AT550 series inverter has high-performance vector vontrol and torque control.It adopts the vector control in with the international leading technology and has the same excellent performance as the second development and design special expansion cards for particular industry.

The series of inverters are developed in cooperation with Swedish experts


Technology Characteristeristics

Vector Control:The asynchoronous motor control can be realized by high performance current control technology.

Instantaneous Stop Properties:Mpmentary Power Interruption with the machine running on.

Tining Control:The set time frame is0.0min~6500.0min.

RS485 Buses Support

Swing Frequency:The output frequency swing according to the triangle wave set by the customers.

Droop Function:It is suitable for the occasion that multiple motors to drive the same load.

Torque Control:It is suitable for the occasion that require constant tension.

Sleep Function:It is suitable for the air compressor and constanr pressure water supplying situation.

Fixed Length Control:Through the high-speed pulse input terminals to form a length closed loop,and then achieve fixed length control.



Plastics and chemicalfiber extrusion equipments,machine tools,textile,industrial washing machines,petroleum,building materials,cement,rubber and plastic machinery and many other industries.

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