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Elaine Watson, Ed.D.

Welcome to watsonmath.com!

I use this site to:

  • store interesting links to K – 12 math resources
  • create posts about K – 12 math education, expressing my own insights and sharing and building on the ideas of other
  • post links and resources that I use in my presentations and courses

Elaine Watson Mathematics Consulting:

  • I work in schools coaching K – 12 teachers and principals on best practice in mathematics education
  • I present mathematics workshops to small and large groups on
    • instruction
    • content
    • assessment
    • Common Core State Standards
  • I teach graduate level courses in person and online
  • I write online courses

I’m based in Montpelier, Vermont, but my work takes me to many other states.  States where I have worked recently: Florida, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont


  • 16 years as a high school mathematics teacher
  • 3 years as a middle/high school associate principal
  • 6 years as an elementary principal
  • BA in Mathematics from the University of Texas at Austin
  • MA in Educational Leadership from the University of Vermont
  • Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from the University of Vermont

If you are interested in having me work with your school or district,  I would be happy to talk to you about your mathematical education needs.  Please contact me at elaine.watson0729@gmail.com with your contact information. We will set up a time to have a conversation to assess whether my my services will be a good fit for your organization.

Testimonials from St. Michael’s College Courses, Summer, 2012:

“I would like for Elaine to offer more classes for educators.  She is so passionate about her field and has inspired many of us. I feel prepared to tackle Common Core!”

“Elaine is amazing! I feel privileged to know her and I like that she is always learning just like I am!”

“The course was inspiring.  All of the people taking the class were engaged and interested in math.”

“Discussion between students was highly encouraged to help strengthen understanding.”

“I enjoyed the teacher’s sense of humor, the large amount of information, and the open-endedness.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and the instructor. Elaine had an abundance of knowledge and I am leaving very excited to go back and share all I learned with my colleagues.”

“The course is a must for all Math teachers as we move toward Common Core.  Elaine was the perfect instructor for this because of her enthusiasm and knowledge.”

“Elaine is a great presenter! Great use of humor, connections with the students…plus she is very knowledgeable about the subject matter.”




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  1. nancy dagenhart says:

    The Windsor CT school district recently used your area model for division as part of their common core state standard unit for division. The teachers would like a copy of your smart notebook lesson since our entire district is now equiped with smart boards. If this is possible could you please send it as an attachment to my email address. Thank you for this great work!

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