Jo Boaler: Fluency Without Fear

Jo Boaler is one of my go to people for insight into best practices in math education. Educated in England, she is now a professor at Stanford University and supports a site called You Cubed that has high quality resources for K – 12 educators.  I participated in her online course on Fractions,  an area of mathematics that causes many students and teachers consternation.  What I like about Jo is her focus on conceptural understanding and number sense over memorization.
The following paper is worth a read:
Here is a 15 minute video in which Jo Boaler discusses “Number Talks”, which is a practice that helps students develop number sense.
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  1. howardat58 says:

    I found it, I read it, I liked it. (Apologies to J. Caesar , and I can’t remember how to spell it).
    I will reblog your post and tell folk to click the link.
    I was brought up in the old learn your tables era(around 1950), but there were no timed tests, no high stakes, and we also did a lot of number sense: counting in 2’s and 3’s and 5’s , adding digits to detect factors of 3, numbers ending in 0 or 5 had a factor of 5 and so on. And the famous “to multiply by 25, add two noughts and divide by 4”!
    Did you read the “Algebraic Thinking” paper?

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