North Country UHS 3-18-13 Inservice


Part 1 of 2 North Country CCSSM HS March Inservice

Part 2 of 2 North Country CCSSM HS March Inservice

The Lowell bowling ball images are not included in the powerpoint because they were too large.

Links for North Country UHS Inservice 3-18-13

Lesson on Cavalieriís Principle

Zachary Abelís Blog with Three Ideas leading up to Cavalieriís Principle (great images!)

Area of Circle GeoGebra Applet

YouTube Video on Pi

3-Acts on Volume

Dan Meyer 3 Act: Popcorn Picker

Dan Meyer 3 Act: The Coffee Carrier

Dan Meyer 3 Act: You Pour, I Choose

Andrew Stadel 3 Act: Trashketball

Geometry Problems from Don Stewardís MEDIAN Site

Mathematics Assessment Project

Equations of Circles 2

Evaluating Statements About Enlargements (2D and 3D)

Calculating Volumes of Compound Objects

Modeling: Rolling Cups

Illustrative Math Project

G-GMD.3 Centerpiece

G-GMD.3 Doctorís Appointment





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