12-12-12 and Math-O-Vision Video Contest

During the noon hour today, while I was running errands, I had the dial in my car radio on Vermont Public Radio’s Vermont Edition.  Due to today’s unique date, the focus was on MATH. Unfortunately, I did not hear the whole show, but caught the end of it when the guest was the chair of the math department at Dartmouth.  He mentioned a contest sponsored by Dartmouth called Math-O-Vision, in which high school students are encouraged (with monetary prizes) to submit 4-minute videos about math.

If you go to the Math-O-Vision site and click on “Sample Movies”, four videos are offered as examples. One is by Vi Hart, who I have highlighted in a watsonmath post this summer.  In this video, she created some intriguing “hexaflexagons” that I now am compelled to create and play with.  Another of the videos is an interesting look at turning a sphere inside out without cutting a hole in it, and following certain rules.  A third video illustrates Mobius Transformations in a very clear way.  Finally, Disney’s Donald in Mathmagicland is included, which, at 24 plus minutes is much longer than the other three sample movies.  Interesting that I also highlighted the Donald Duck video in a watsonmath post a few months ago.

The Math-O-Vision Contest just started and the deadline in in May, 2013. I could not find any student videos that have been submitted, but my understanding is that they will be posted on Facebook and there will be an opportunity to comment and vote on them. I am anxious to see the student videos!

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