CCSSM High School Algebra Powerpoint and Handouts for NEKSDC and CVEDC

I am working with two groups of high school teachers in Vermont in a 5-part series of workshops.  The workshops, focusing on the CCSSM K – 12, are sponsored by NEKSDC and CVEDC, two Educational Support Agencies in Vermont.  The workshops are coordinated by Judi Laird and Bob Laird of Vermont Mathematics Institute, who introduce and conclude the day. Each session focuses on one of the five HS Domains and the K – 8 streams that feed into the domains.  The bulk of the day is spent in grade span groups, each with their own facilitator. The groups (facilitators) are:  K-2 (Sandi Stanhope),  3 – 5 (Fran Huntoon),   6 – 8 (Bob and Judi Laird), and HS  (Elaine Watson).

I will be posting the powerpoints and handouts for the Algebra, Functions, Geometry, and Statistics sessions in this blog. The powerpoint below is posted in 3 sections because it  is too large to post in one document. Also, in order to post it at all, I had to take out all of the photos that were in the original powerpoint.  The photos, except for the Lowell Bowling Ball Pyramid, don’t add any content or even have a connection to Algebra.  They just make me happy when I think back to where I was when I took them.  If you see my powerpoint in person, I hope they make you happy as well!

The day after I wrote this post, I got an email update from Bill McCallum’s blog, Tools for the Common Core, my go-to resource for all things CCSSM.  I was excited to find out that the Progressions Documents for High School Algebra and Functions are now available!  I have found the progressions documents to be wonderful resources for understanding the scope of the standards.  My understanding (from hearing Bill McCallum speak) is that the progressions documents were created FIRST and the standards were written using them as a guide.  The K – 8 progressions have been available for some time.

To access the HS progressions, go to Tools for the Common Core. At the top, click on Tools.  You will see a list.  Click on Progressions.  You will see a list that includes HS Progression for Statistics and Probability and HS Progression for Algebra and Functions.

Resources for Workshop:

Here is a link to the 12 pages of the HS Algebra Progression

CCSSM Progressions Document for HS Algebra

Links to Powerpoint in 3 parts:

Part 1 of 3 HS CCSSM Algebra without photos

Part 2 of 3 HS CCSSM Algebra without photos

Part 3 of 3 HS CCSSM Algebra without photos

Links to Lowell, Vermont Bowling Ball Pyramid Problem in 2 parts:

Lowell Vermont Bowling Balls Part 1 of 2

Lowell Vermont Bowling Balls Part 2 of 2

Links to Handouts (Note that one handout was added for the CVEDC group):

CCSSM HS Algebra Geometric Series Problem

Problems on Algebraic Structure

Solutions for Problems on Algebraic Structure

SMP Lesson Alignment Template

*Added to CVEDC packet to use with Algebraic Structure:  Quadratic function problem in context










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