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Fawn Nguyen’s New Pattern Site

Fawn Nguyen, a middle school math teacher who has a great blog where her fun personality shines through (I think it’s her personality…I’ve never met her!).  Just the other day, in one of her posts on her blog Finding Ways … Continue reading

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The IPL Cycle and the Hidden Efficiency of Encouraging Student Invention

The reason that Dan Meyer’s blog is a must read for me is that his posts, in addition to providing examples of great teaching ideas, are filled with links to scholarly articles to back up statements he makes.  I find … Continue reading

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Spending the Holidays Catching up on Reading Math Blogs

I subscribe via email to a lot of math blogs.  They are always entertaining and often give me new insights and ideas.  I call this reading my “research” (a bit lighter research than I did in my grad course days).  … Continue reading

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12-12-12 and Math-O-Vision Video Contest

During the noon hour today, while I was running errands, I had the dial in my car radio on Vermont Public Radio’s Vermont Edition.  Due to today’s unique date, the focus was on MATH. Unfortunately, I did not hear the … Continue reading

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CCSSM High School Algebra Powerpoint and Handouts for NEKSDC and CVEDC

I am working with two groups of high school teachers in Vermont in a 5-part series of workshops.  The workshops, focusing on the CCSSM K – 12, are sponsored by NEKSDC and CVEDC, two Educational Support Agencies in Vermont.  The … Continue reading

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