Sometimes we just have to leave math aside for a moment and focus on nature’s beauty!

Winter Tires and The Last Golden Glow of Autumn

As I was walking this morning through Montpelier back from the service station that will change out my summer tires to the winter variety, my sweatshirt was unhooded and unzipped to let in the crisp “football weather”.  I noticed what’s left of a brilliant month-long show of nature. There is a golden glow all about me.  A bit of green holds on in the undergrowth and the grass. There is the occasional bright garnet red of the burning bush. The annuals and many trees have given up the fight, but the sugar maple holds on and radiates its lovely golden glow.  It’s a rich gold, as I suppose gold is supposed to be…rich.  It’s a warm gold. I suppose it’s trying to give us one last hope that there is some warmth left before our hills turn to gray and then fade to white.  So, I take note of the last vestiges of the growing season that is ready to take a rest, knowing that it will once again regroup and start up again as it’s supposed to.  I know that there will be snowdrops making their way up through the frozen dirt in early April. I’ll be returning to the service station to take off my winter tires and put back on the summer ones. This cycle’s been a good run and, like my tires, will roll on seamlessly into the next one.


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One Response to Sometimes we just have to leave math aside for a moment and focus on nature’s beauty!

  1. Jimmy Scruggs says:

    I wish that I could express my thoughts as well as my younger sister, but alas my prose comes across more like the normal back woods Texan that I am.

    Some months from now, as I watch the Chinese tallows try to give us our Texas fall show while the rest of our country is well into winter, as their mult-colored leaves cling to the the tree limbs refusing to gracefully fall to the brown mud below them, as I swat the mosquitos sucking out my blood while infecting me with West Nile, I will smile and remember her email and be so proud of her prose.

    Then my smile will turn to a perplexed expression as I think, “Yes, she loved Vermont that day, but I wonder why she can not wait until the day that she re-joins us in TEXAS”.  Then I will smile again as I remember why she is coming, love of friends and family, to get way from the snow that follows her beautiful fall day, and because she is so happy that she will only have and need one set of tires.

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