North Country High School Math Inservice October 19, 2012

Powerpoint for North Country HS Math Inservice October 19th, 2012

10-19-12 HS Inservice Powerpoint

Standard for Mathematical Practice Lesson Alignment Template

Blank SMP Lesson Alignment Template

Dan Meyer’s 3-Act Penny Pyramid aligned to SMP using template

Rich Mathematical Tasks can be found on the following links:

Illustrative Mathematics

Mathematics Assessment Project (MARS Tasks)

Inside Mathematics

Shodor Interactivate

3 Act Math Tasks

Dan Meyer 3-Act Spreadsheet

Andrew Stadel 3 Act Catalog

Other 3-Act tasks: see Watsonmath post

Accountable Talk

Word Generation

Develop Mathematical Thinking by Effective Questioning by PBS Teacher Line

Accountable Talk Sourcebook

Links to Videos

The Teaching Channel

Common Core State Standards High School (1st five minutes only)

Collaborating to Teach Algebra I (26 minutes)

My Favorite No (6 minutes)

Daily Assessment with Tiered Exit Cards (5 minutes)

Discovering the Properties of Quadrilaterals (5 minutes)

Algebra Tools: The Distributive Property (5 minutes)


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