NEKSDC October 16, 2012 CCSSM High School: Number & Quantity Content Domain and Applications of Practice Standards

10-16-12 VMI HS CCSSM Powerpoint

Inside Mathematics: Swimming Pool Task (HS Number & Quantity – Algebra I)

Having Kittens MARS Task one page pdf

Having Kittens MARS Task This link will take you to the MARS Task page for Having Kittens.  To download the complete lesson plan pdf, scroll down and click on “having kittens complete lesson pdf”.

Having Kittens Powerpoint

Use the Standards for Mathematical Practice Lesson Alignment Template for planning lessons to ensure to include instruction that reinforces student practice of the  Standards for Mathematical Practice

Use Illustrative Mathematics for two purposes:

  • Excellent way to navigate through the standards and compare and contrast the content standards
  • Rich “illustrations” (tasks) that reinforce both the content and the practice standards. The tasks have been juried by a group of mathematicians to ensure that they align with the principles of the CCSSM.

Extending the Definition of Exponents, Variation 2

MARS Task Anticipation Sheet – The MARS tasks are designed to serve as formative assessments, so they may be given before a student has mastered a topic.  Use this sheet when planning to record what student misunderstanding you are expecting and how you will deal with it.


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