HS Math Blog: Easing the Hurry Syndrome

I came across a new blog Easing the Hurry Syndrome that you might want to check out. The author is Jennifer Wilson who is a high school math teacher from Mississippi.  This link will take you to her post about why she chose the name.  The posts I’ve read have been high quality.  She teaches an array of HS math classes, but this year is focusing on creating a CCSSM Geometry Course.

She uses TI Inspire software, however the ideas she presents could be replicated on other graphing software such as GeoGebra.  In the posts I’ve read, she frequently uses a polling app with the students, which is a great way to do a quick anonymous formative assessment.  The one she uses seems to be connected to the TI Inspire software.  There are others out there that I would like to learn more about.

If anyone reading this post uses polling software, can you please share information about it?




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