Cindy Brooker’s List of CCSSM Resources for K – 5 Math (and some K – 12)

I subscribe to Darren Burris’ Common Core Online Scoop.It in my ongoing search for good CCSSM resources.

He recently posted a link to Cindy Brooker’s learnist Common Core Math Great K – 5 Resource Walk, where she has created an annotated list of 17 CCSSM resources for K – 5 math teachers.  There were several that I already had seen, but she introduced me to more sites and reminded me of some that I haven’t visited lately. While some sites focused solely on K – 5, there were others that had resources for K – 12 math.

As I’ve said many times before, there is so much out there, much of it good quality.  Classroom teachers don’t have the time to search for good resources, so one of my goals for the WatsonMath blog is to serve as a clearinghouse of sorts, sifting through sites and only recommending ones that give the best value for the time invested online. I want to thank Cindy Brooker and Darren Burris for helping me in this goal.

Having said that, I have not checked out each one of the 17 sites Cindy mentioned in this list, but seeing as they are in good company with sites that I am familiar with, I think it’s a good bet that you will not be wasting your time perusing them.



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