An Addition to the “There’s a LOT out there” Department

Darren Burris’ ScoopIt Common Core Online introduced me to yet another website rich with resources for math teachers.

The Michigan Department of Education has developed the Michigan eLibrary.  This link takes you directly to the mathematics page.  On the left, you can choose the Domain or Conceptual Category. On the right, you can choose the Grade Level.  Once you choose, you are taken to a menu that lists the clusters under the domain.  (There are no CCSSM letters for identification.)

Next to every standard is a number in parentheses, which I assume is the number of resources  for that standard.  If you click on the icon next to the standard, you are taken to a list of links to resources.  Some will take you directly to an NCTM Illuminations task or lesson, others to Kahn Academy, Thinkfinity, and some all take you to “Other”.  Some of the links in Other will take you to a site where you need to sign in. (You may see a warning message that they can’t guarantee the contents of the site.) Other links will take you to a directly to a pdf.

In my goal of doing away with print text, this is a great resource for teachers to find lessons that address the CCSSM standards.  There are a LOT of resources that can be accessed from this site.


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