New York State Sample CCSS Assessment Questions

New York state has developed sample questions to assess the Common Core for Grades 3 – 8 in ELA and Math.

The questions were developed as teaching tools. Here is how they are described:

The sample questions emphasize the instructional shifts demanded by the Common Core. For each grade level and subject, we have provided approximately 12 questions. These questions include multiple choice, short constructed response, and extended constructed response.

The sample questions are teaching tools for educators and can be shared freely with students and parents. They are designed to help illuminate the way the Common Core should drive instruction and how students will be assessed starting in the 2012-13 school year.

I checked out Grade 8 Math and found 11 questions.  Three of them assessed the Function Domain, seven assessed the Expressions and Equations Domain, and one assessed both the Geometry and Expressions and Equations Domain.  Four of the questions were multiple choice and seven of them were constructed response.

I also checked out Grade 3 and found 10 questions.  Eight of them assessed Operations and Algebraic Thinking and two of them assessed Numbers and Operations – Fractions. Of the ten, eight were multiple choice and two were fill in the blank.

Following each question was information about the task.  There was a key, the CCSSM standard assessed, followed by a commentary and a rationale.  The commentary was an explanation about what the question assessed.  The rationale was a further commentary about common errors and misunderstandings that incorrect answers could indicate.

They are well thought out tasks worth taking a look at.




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