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I subscribe to many teaching blogs and like to share the ones that I find most interesting.  I have found that subscribing to blogs is the best way to see what is new out there.  If I simply bookmark sites I find interesting, I rarely take the time to go to my bookmarks to keep current.  However, if I get a regular email from the blog, I will at least take the time to quickly peruse the post for things that may help me in my work as a K-12 Math Consultant.

Here is one that I have been going through today.

Tch: Teaching Channel  is celebrating their one year anniversary. Over the first year they have amassed 476 videos featuring 279 teachers and instructional coaches that give ideas for all types of K – 12 content areas.

Many of the videos are short (around 1 minute) and feature one good teaching idea.  Two that gave me some good ideas could be used K – 12 in any subject.

Attention Getting Signals:  One Spot is a good one to remind us how a simple idea can go a long way in classroom management.

Ask 3, Then Me shows an elementary teacher who uses a simple rule that encourages students to use each other as resources, freeing her up to instruct in small groups.  This tactic would work K – 12.

The Tch Home Page  is well set up and easy to navigate.  You can choose a subject and a grade level to narrow your choices.

Here is a link to all of the Math Videos.

You can refine your search by clicking on Math and then on a Grade Level.  You have to do a second click on the Grade Level to get out of the filter, which can be confusing at first.

Here are links to the Math Videos in the different grade spans:

K – 2 Math Videos

3 – 5 Math Videos

6 – 8 Math Videos

9 – 12 Math Videos




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  1. Thank you for posting about Teaching Channel! We really appreciate your help in spreading the word about Tch!

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