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Dan Meyer on Assessment

Okay, I’ve officially become a Dan Meyer groupie.  So I guess I need to add a Dan Meyer category to this website! Here is a paper he wrote as a third year teacher after deciding that the traditional way that … Continue reading

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Dan Meyer Video on Designing Digital Math Tasks

Dan Meyer speaks at a conference about how to design engaging math tasks using actual digital photos and videos rather than print. Here is the link. He also included a website where he has posted different resources that he used … Continue reading

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Dan Meyer’s new site…101qs

Dan Meyer, who hosts a wonderful math blog has developed an interesting new site, called 101 questions.  The idea is that students look at a real world photo and develop mathematical questions that could be posed. Here is the link: … Continue reading

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Michael Hock, Vermont Department of Ed, Paper on High School Math

Michael Hock has written an interesting paper discussing the possible reasons for the lack of success of Vermont’s high school students on the NECAP given in 11th grade. Here is the link:

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Mathematics Academy Fractions on Number Line

The Mathematics Academy regularly publishes interactive GeoGebra applets that allow a student to make changes and see the effect.  The latest one is a number line from 0 to 1, which shows a fraction on the number line.  Students can … Continue reading

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Mathematics for Teaching blog

Mathematics for Teaching is a blog developed by Erlina Ronda.  There are a variety of resources that she has developed.  I especially like her goal for the site, which is stated in her quote: “THIS SITE IS NOT ABOUT MAKING MATHEMATICS … Continue reading

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